7 Tips to Make a Successful Finance Presentation 2017

The art of making a presentation is hard to comprehend and harder to master. There are so many things involved in making a presentation successful that it can be hard to attribute the success to one single element or factor.

However, there is one thing that everybody agrees that contributes to the success in a big way – the finance PowerPoint presentation templates that are used. That is probably the reason why a lot of people fret over the finance PowerPoint templates and spend a lot of a lot of time on getting it right. They know that it is not just the text that goes in the presentation that matters. Even the sample that they select will make a difference.

Make an Effective Presentation: Tips to Follow

So how can you make an effective finance presentation with the help of best finance PowerPoint templates? Here are a few tips to help.

  • Make Your Message Loud & Clear

Most presentations are conducted with a particular objective in mind. There is a certain message that you intend to drive or a certain output that you wish to achieve. You can do this by making the message of your presentation clear for the audience.

A good way to go about doing this is to make notes of what you want your audience to take away from the presentation. Make a few variations of this and keep it handy. Then you can start looking at the predesigned ppt finance templates that are available. At this point of time, you should compare the designs with the notes that you have made. Look carefully and try to determine if the design conveys the same kind of thought or not.

  • Use Emotions

Remember that the most effective presenters of our world today have the ability to tap into our emotions. They may be talking about their product or service. But they are also inspiring a certain emotion from their audience. This emotion can be that of awe, excitement, worry, pain, panic – but there is an emotion involved.

You should apply the same trick to your sample design as well. You can close your eyes and try to focus on the emotions that the design evokes in you. Does it match to the one that you want your audience to feel? If yes, then it is the sample that you should go ahead with. If not, then you should keep looking for more options.

  • Be Different

A lot of times, the message of the presentation itself is so unique and different that it does not need any additional support to be effective. However, when you are talking about something generic then it needs that extra support. For example, if you are going to present on the global financial crisis that crippled many global economies in 2009, then you would need extra support because that is a topic that everybody was talking about. In such cases, the theme of the sample that you choose can help you create that differentiation with the audience. A trendy looking design template can make you look unique and different.

  • Set the Right Tone and Pace for the Presentation

Since you have already identified the emotion that you want to draw out from your audience, you should use the tone that complements this emotion. If there is a sense of warning that you want to create then you need to use the tone that drives it through. You can soften or toughen up your voice as per the emotion and pause at the right time.

The pace at which you go through your talking points will also matter here. Your presentation sample should be such that it gives you 1 minute per slide. If you fill the slide up too much, then you may run out of time predetermined for each slide. You may not be able to cover all the talking points. However, if you leave it at the bare minimum, then you should be able to fill up that blank space with your talking points.

  • Match Your Template Design to Your Presentation Style

A lot of people make the mistake of first preparing the presentation and then looking at how to deliver it. Instead, it should be the other way around! If you know that you are going to be conducting a web conference, then it means your audience is not going to be able to see you. In such cases, your finance PowerPoint templates should be able to fill that void. Here the layout can be a busy one so that you can share more information with the virtual audience.

However, if you know that you are going to be standing up on a stage and face a live audience, then it means that they are going to pay less attention to the slide and more attention to you. In this case, you should use a minimalist design style so that you can provide only limited information on the slide. The real crux of the matter should be in your address.

  • Keep Things Relevant

Nothing is more criminal than being all over the place when presenting something. It creates a distraction for the audience and dilutes the impact of the message you intend to deliver. The same principle applies to the finance PowerPoint presentation templates that you opt for.

Look at the theme and the colours of the sample and try to determine if they are relevant to your presentation or not. If you are presenting to the financial industry audience, you should not be using a sample with pink colour or caricatures in the background. So, the relevance has to be evaluated not only for the topic of the presentation or the message but also for the industry and the emotion. If you are not relevant then the audience may lose interest in you and what you have to say.


Making an effective presentation is indeed an art. However, nobody says that it cannot be mastered. Just some practice and following the tips that we shared can help you a great deal in your next presentation.

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